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Boutonnieres or "bouts" as we like to call them are one of the most overlooked opportunities to express the groom’s sense of style, create a vibe, and make a statement. This holds true whether or not you choose to match the bride’s bouquets or adhere to a theme. Consider the facts—bouts are in every picture and typically an afterthought for most floral design houses and weddings.

UE believes every detail is an opportunity for expression and meaning, no matter how minute it may seem. You may have heard the old cliché "the devil is in the details"—well so is "fabulous"!

Here is what is trending in the world of boutonnieres.

In traditional weddings, the groomsmen, ring bearers, honored male guests, and of course fathers' boutonnieres generally echo a similar sentiment. However, a recent trend has been emerging for more casual weddings where the individuals choose to express their own unique sense of personal style. Post covid in our need for a happy and celebratory change of mentality even mixing and matching bold colors from the overall weddings theme work.

Although we are equal opportunity, floral designers – many couples make requests for more masculine, funky, or even quirky boutonnieres in a more casual setting by forgoing florals and opting for greenery and thistle, but we are beginning to see an uptick in dried bunny tail grass, bleached Italian Ruscus, and dried copper foliage like autumn eucalyptuses.

Other trends show us that a simple small flower or bud lapel pins are being passed over for lusher boutonnieres representing scaled-down versions of the bridal bouquets. Much fewer flowers but still with all the same wow factor.

Subtle is no longer the trend—we are even seeing layers of blooms and textures just like the layered textiles of or the men’s wedding wardrobes.

A very big trend for 2021 – Berries, berries, berries, and foliage.

Although wrapping the stems in boutonnieres is popular with the vast majority of design houses – Urban Earth appreciates a more sophisticated approach. Our team details with jewelers' wire wraps and hand-sculpted elements such as leaves and even whimsical shapes. We are known for incorporating mixed mediums such as cloves, including lapel pins that are significant to the groom’s personality, and adding more character with a personal touch.

And not all boutonnieres need to be flowers—there are many options feathers, buttons, conical sculpted leaves, pinwheels, you name it—there are no rules tied to the formality of weddings past!

This is your wedding—express yourselves and let your freak flag fly if you feel so inclined. We love couples with personality and the details should not be any less than a representation of themselves. Quirky and alternative—all good!

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