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When it comes to wedding and event planning, we are your go-to resource. We are known for our luxury weddings and corporate events however, over the last few years we have begun to work with clients and budgets of all shapes and sizes. We have a team of professional event, wedding, and floral designers that know how to produce the highest quality at nearly any budget.

If you are shopping for the least expensive option—that is not us. If you are shopping for the best quality for the best price—then you are in the right place.

For you to be able to genuinely shop apples to apples you have to understand a few basics. The time of the year matters! Pricing for floral depends heavily on the season and time of the year. For example, long stem red roses go up in costs nearly 300% in February. Any guesses why? That’s right the market is driven higher because of Valentine’s day.

The same rule applies to seasonal floral. If you are looking for spring floral but your wedding or event is not until fall, the cost may go up exponentially.

Quality first. Unlike some of our competitors, we only deliver high-quality weddings, events, and floral which can cause our cost to be higher. But really—do you want to short-change your wedding or event with floral that will not last or decor that is flimsy and cheap?

This is why we always recommend talking to one of our event planners in the early stage of your wedding or event design. Our team of professionals can offer seasonal suggestions that will stretch your money further, maximize your budget, and do it all while still being top quality.

If you’d like to make an appointment, inquire about pricing, or check availability: Please give us a call (504) 524-0100 or fill out our convenient Event Quote Questionnaire and we will be happy to get back to you.

With just a bit of info, we can provide a quick ballpark estimate within minutes to get us started.

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So what can you expect to pay for your wedding or event?

When it comes to weddings we have it broken down into a few easy-to-understand concepts.

Luxury Weddings & Elevated Events

Luxury Weddings & Elevated Events are for clients where—money is no object. This is what we are known for! Though it sounds cliche, this is where the experience is at a premium and cost is a lesser factor. You can expect elevated decor, larger venues, more guests, and the absolute best of the best. This level of service often includes full custom venue designing, concept implementation, and branding. This is our specialty! From custom-made wallpaper to global elite floral options, and a dedicated design and build team to bring any fantasy or brand experience to life. If you are a wedding planner or corporate event coordinator you can depend on us to make you look like a superstar with your elevated and luxury clients.

Luxury Weddings & Elevated Events can range anywhere from $30k and up.


Custom Weddings & Events

Custom weddings and events have a large range depending on what is most important at your wedding or event. That said, most of our custom weddings are hand-created by our designers based on the bride and groom’s explicit requests and preferences. This is your budget option if you want a truly unique wedding or event experience.

Custom weddings and events [on average] range anywhere from $10k - $30k.

Micro, Destination, and Backyard Weddings

Micro, Destination, and Backyard Weddings—like so many things depends entirely upon your selections and preferences. The least expensive option provides all of your ceremony and reception floral arrangement needs while the upper end of the price spectrum includes dining, seating, and lounge area furniture rentals for up to 50 guests.

Micro, Destination, and Backyard Weddings can range anywhere from $4k - $10k.

Looking for a custom wedding solution?

Speak With One Of Our Event Design Professionals About Your Wedding.

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