Pop-Up Events

Full-service customized pop-up events. From corporate to cheeky pop-up parties, we are your turnkey solution.

Creative custom pop-up events.

Pop-up events are the newest sensation in the entertainment industry. Pop-up events are not new to retail, including galleries, and even restaurants. However, we are seeing this craze in the corporate and even private space now.

In case you missed it, pop-up events are those creative events that "pop up" in unusual spaces with little or no warning. They are short-lived and only around for hours. They are usually super cheeky, very creative, and just as luxe as a normally planned event.

So why pop-up events versus normal events?

This comes down to the experience. If you stumble across a pop-up, rest assured it will be exclusive. Meaning that only a limited number of people can enter or partake, while also knowing the event will be gone by morning.

In summary, pop-up events will guarantee that everyone will want to get in. Consider it a marketing tactic. It does not matter if it is a corporate brand ambassador pop-up event or if you want to add some seductive allure to your next birthday party. The pop-up concept is sure to keep your guests watching your social feed for the details of your fascinating event.

How do I create a pop-up event?

We're glad you asked! Pop-up events are a lot harder to pull off because you have to coordinate a lot of moving parts in a very short period of time. It is also an indication that you know how to pull strings and have connections around town.

If you are not as connected as the next political candidate shaking hands and kissing babies, have no fear. You do not need to be captivating or charismatic to pull off an amazing pop-up event... you just need to get a team like ours to do it for you.

Pop-up Event Services

We offer full-service, completely customized pop-up experiences for everyone. From corporate pop-ups to funky, unique pop-up party experiences—we have you covered.

We know the nooks and crannies of our amazing city like the back of our hand and have unique access to extraordinary venues with dazzling locations for your next pop-up event.

From concept to cleanup we are your turnkey pop-up event solution.

But don't wait until the last minute!

Don't be fooled, pop-up events take time and planning to pull off. The best pop-up events may look like they were unexpectedly created because they go up and come down so fast but they require a lot of careful planning.

Contact us now to discuss your next pop-up event. From corporate to retail and all the parties in between, we are your turnkey pop-up event solution.

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