Green Carnival House Float Flower


House Float Flowers for your home!

These high-quality architectural design pieces are all the rage since the inception of the House Float last year in the height of the COVID outbreak. These handmade large format high-quality house float decor pieces are designed to fit your storefront, home, or office.

Don’t be fooled by the imitations.

Our handmade pieces are a polyvinyl product with UV coatings that make this flower last for 36 – 60 months of continuous outdoor exposure in wet/humid climates like New Orleans. While many of the lesser quality, short-lived versions are made of paper mâché or cardboard which deteriorate quickly in humid/wet climates.

These pieces are designed to last and will be able to be used for years to come.

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Please note: The finish product size will be 10-15% smaller than the cut size in the description – the nature of the hand molding process will result in some size reduction. In addition, these are handmade items and each will be unique. There will be slight variations in color/glitter combinations as these are produced. This is expected and also adds value to each one as a unique piece.

Once ordered online you can pick up your design pieces from our Lower Garden District office (address provided upon ordering). Lead time is up to 7 days. If you need your order sooner please call the office immediately at: (504) 524-0100.

Please call (504) 524-0100 or email for bulk orders!

Design Options

Flat (un-molded), Flat (un-molded) and Glittered, Hand Molded, Molded and Glittered


Large 23", Small 17"

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